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Effective Factors on Urinary Incontinence in Natural Menopausal Women   Research Article
Synaptic Neuronal Plasticity   Review Article
Ballistic Movements and Psychotic Symptoms due to Methadone Use: A Letter to the Editor   Letter
Vitamin D and Its Role in Ulcerative Colitis   Brief Report
Sudden Onset Monoparesis and Dysarthria in a 5-Year-Old boy: A Case Report   Case Report
Bilateral Ureteroceles Along With Horseshoe Kidney in an Adult: A Case Report and Review of Literature   Case Report
Abrupt Palpitation Following Taking Regular Doses of Oxazepam: A Rare Case Report   Case Report
Implant-Root Proximity and Pulp Vitality of the Tooth   Research Article
Aging is an Important Cause for a Lack of Understanding of the Main Risk Factor in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients   Research Article
Effects of Waterpipe Smoking, Immobilization and Darkness Stress on Serum Creatine Kinase and Alkaline Phosphatase Levels in Female Rats   Research Article