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Student-Based Medical Education: Challenge for Third Millennium   Editorial
Assessment of Professional Values Among Iranian Nursing Students Graduating in Universities With Different Norms of Educational Services   Research Article
Interprofessional Learning: the Attitudes of Medical, Nursing and Pharmacy Students to Shared Learning at Tehran University of Medical Sciences   Research Article
Necessity of Adding Sports and Exercise Medicine Topics to the Undergraduate Medical Curriculum in Iran   Research Article
Epidemiological Study of Head Louse (Pediculus Humanus Capitis) Infestation Among Primary School Students in Rural Areas of Sirjan County, South of Iran   Research Article
The Importance of Physicians’ Communication Skills and Patients’ Satisfaction   Research Article
Teaching Anatomy: Viewpoints of Iranian Anatomists   Research Article
Validating Knowledge and Fostering Creativity in the University   Letter
Medical Nanobiotechnology and Its Prospective   Letter
Too Many Students’ Congresses, Are They Necessary and Useful?   Letter